Buying Orchid Flowers in Thailand

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Published: 05th January 2011
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Buying Orchid Flowers in Thailand
Thailand is one of the premier centers in the world for cultivating orchid flowers. These flowers range in value from only a few dollars, up to many thousands of dollars. Recently a very rare orchid species was sold for nearly $30,000 at a flower auction in Bangkok. Orchid growers, dealers and enthusiasts flock from all over the world to buy orchids at Bangkok’s orchid market in Bakt Torn Lard .
One of the most popular varieties of orchids in Thailand is the Anguola orchid. This flower produces purple flowers once or twice a year.
Brassavola orchid is another popular Thailand Flower. These orchids easy to cultivate at home and they make up quite a significant percentage of orchid flowers exported from Thailand.
Laelia orchid is similar to Cattleya orchids and is widely used in flower arrangements, however this flower does not flower often, usually just two or three times annually meaning that flower arrangements made from these orchids are for very upmarket and prestigious events.
Vanda orchids are native to Thailand, they are quite a large plant and can grow to about head height. These orchids are popular amongst rich families in the Middle East – often people travel to Thailand to export these orchids and send them back to their home countries.
The best place to secure a good price on Thai orchids is at one of the many retailers at Bakt Torn Lard flower market in Thailand’s capital. If you plan on visiting the market be sure to get there very early. Around 5:00 AM is a good time, the reason is that the stall holders set up very early in the morning to escape the heat and many of the best specimen flowers are snapped up quickly by early risers.

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